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The New Scientist has a few new articles worth reading:

  • Once the solar panels go up on the space station, it will be the third brightest object in the night sky.
  • There is now a successful Ebola vaccine for monkeys.
  • Cell phone guns have been popping up all over Western Europe. I like the 4 digit firing sequence.
  • Something about the ocean swollowing ships whole seemed worth posting.
**note their java server has been known to go down**
posted by Erik Rogneby 12/2/02000

Tonga may be the first country to have listed as their chief exports domain names (.TO) and genetic data.
posted by Erik Rogneby 11/27/02000

This alone is almost worth a trip to London. Our friend the disembodied Lamprey brain is back! The details later in the article about the rats and monkeys are pretty good too.
posted by Erik Rogneby 11/27/02000

There is something very appealing about being able to tell a story with limited visual information. Captain Low-Res is one such story. The cherry pie in episode 2 made me chuckle and think of a good friend who is a pie-master. The space battle that ensued had a very Lucas feel to it.
posted by Erik Rogneby 11/27/02000

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