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Civilution LLC

Tools for evolving civilizations
Life is pain, your Highness! Anyone who says differently is selling something.
           -Wesley, The Princess Bride

Collaborative Websites: The Big Picture

A collaborative website facilitates structured communication between people across space and time, in ways that are impractical with only email, telephones and printed memos.

All kind of organizations - from non-profit agencies to Fortune 500 companies - are using collaborative websites to save time and simplify the many day-to-day chores of business.

Using a collaborative community website, companies can:

  1. Access and maintain custom databases
    • Products
    • Parts
    • Inventories
  2. Streamline internal business practices
    • Time and resource tracking
      • Hours
      • Expenses
      • Physical assets
    • Project management
      • Shared calendars & schedules
      • Automated email reminders of deadlines
    • Knowledge management
      • Procedures
      • Documents / Boilerplate
      • Contacts
    • Issue tracking
      • Bugs
      • Tasks / Assignments
      • Progress reports
  3. Help their employees/volunteers work with the public
    • News and updates
    • Calendars and email reminders of upcoming events
    • Community discussion forums
  4. Help the public discover, inform and educate each other
    • Bulletin boards
    • Q/A forums
    • File sharing
    • Chat rooms
A collaborative website lets you access and maintain services like these entirely through a web browser, on any kind of computer.

We at Civilution build and host these useful and affordable collaborative websites for businesses and non-profits, with the specific goals of making your and your customers' lives easier.

For an appraisal of how Civilution can make things easier for you, contact us.

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