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Civilution LLC

Tools for evolving civilizations
The first 90 percent of situational awareness is just knowing what the hell's going on.
           -Col. Robert Pike, USAF

June 20 02000
Our beta is done. The Civilution Weblog is now dotted with little bargraphs. When you click on them, they take you to a discussion forum created specifically for that link (created dynamically, if you are the first one to click a particular bar graph). Go ahead, try it!

June 20 02000
I have been spending most of my time locked in a titanic struggle with CVS. Basically, I want to do work to make things better. CVS wants to destroy work to make things worse. I have finally developed a "strategy" for forcing CVS to do only what we want it to do, and otherwise leave us the %&^@ alone. Read all about it.

June 13 02000
Completed the user login pages, the create new account pages, the user-as-community-member page (which Carl started), and the edit user pages.

June 12 02000
As a programmer who must work with both Netscape and IE, I must say - Netscape has some serious graphics rendering inefficiencies (and insipidities), but at least I haven't smacked into any total failures in its ability to render HTML. Internet Exploder on the other hand...is what happens when a company has NO RESPECT for standards OR developers (or the rule of law, but you all know how that is going).

June 10 02000
We have to continually remind ourselves that this is the initial release, and we shouldn't get too carried away. In related news, Carl decided writing documentation was lame and instead wrote a utility to parse the code and document it for him. You should see the regexp! If I can trick the (now) suspicious Carl into leaving his computer for a few minutes, I will post it here.

June 9 02000
Erik created a very attractive default adp template which we will use for discussion fora attached to the Civilution weblog. It will go live as soon as we do.

June 7 02000
OK, All the tags are generally working, so we are concentrating on integrating Sextant properly with the ACS (part of our tool set). This requires rewriting a few tcl files, modifying a query here and there, and re-arranging the furniture a little to make it look like home.

June 5 02000
The part about making sure "everybody is playing nice together" appears to be more time-consuming than I was hoping. Give us a week or so..

June 2 02000
We have finished writing the 37 or so template tags necessary to place discussion forum elements on a page. Note that these are only the "first cut" tags - those deemed fundamental to the functionality of the initial release of our discussion forums. Now we need make sure everybody is playing nice together, then create some examples, write some documentation (not it!) and release!

June 2 02000
Oh right. Erik pointed out that the glyph I mentioned below has simply been removed. Craig did adapt clickthru tracking to our new data model, but only on the development server. When Craig gets up I will ask him what files need to be migrated to the staging server so we can go live with the new data model.

June 1 02000
Perhaps those of you browsing with MSIE noticed there had been a broken click-through tally glyph on the Civilution Weblog for the last couple days. That was an issue relating to our old rat-simple data model, which was completely re-written about a week ago by Erik and Craig. Craig spent all day yesterday adapting the clickthrough service to use the new data model, which incidentally fixed the aforementioned broken glyph. Go Craig!

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