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So what does "Sextantizing" a link entail, exactly?

  1. Putting our javascript block into your page's <HEAD>...</HEAD>.
  2. Pasting the call <SCRIPT>sx_graphlink()<SCRIPT> into your <BODY>...</BODY> after the links in question (ie. <a href = "http://www.acme.com/rocket_sandals.html">Rocket Sandals!</a><SCRIPT>sx_graphlink()<SCRIPT>).

And what do I get out of it?

  1. A bargraph, on your page, that will graphically show how many clickthroughs your link has gotten. As for its size, colors, and maximum count, that's all up to you.
  2. That bargraph will also be a link to a discussion forum / clickthrough statistics page that is hosted on our server, but formatted according to your template file. (Check our weblog to get a taste of what this can look like.)

Feature Update: Standalone Forums for the Masses!

You don't need a weblog to use Sextant discussion forums. Now you can create and link to a forum with any subject with one little javascript call. Discussion forums for the masses! Yes!

The Sextant Documentation Index

  • The Sextant HOWTO: This is a step-by-step guide to getting Sextant functionality into your website (assuming you don't ask too many questions, ha ha).

  • The Template FAQ: Sextant's headlining feature is its discussion forums, and how you can configure them with templates. This page (being constantly added to) answers your basic questions about how it works and why.

  • Template Tag Reference: Sextant discussion / clickthrough statistics pages are entirely configured through your selection and placement of our special tags in your template file. This page documents those tags.

  • Sample Templates Viewer + Uploader/Tester This page demonstrates some sample templates and allows you to see how yours will look before you go live.